Can of sweetened Cellular Hydration in the foreground with an athletic woman stretching in the background

Cellular Hydration

A Better Way to Hydrate for Active People

Available in Two Refreshing Flavors

Cellular Hydration | Lemonade / Lemongrass (12 oz / 12 pack)

Cellular Hydration | Lemonade / Lemongrass (12 oz / 12 pack)

Lemonade / Lemongrass flavor Cellular Hydration can on yellow pedestal with lemons on yellow background
Man drinking Lemonade / Lemongrass flavor Cellular Hydration can wearing headphones
Can of Lemonade / Lemongrass Cellular Hydration in shallow water on blue background
Woman stretching on grass with can of Lemonade / Lemongrass Cellular Hydration can
Cellular Hydration front of can Lemonade / Lemongrass flavor
Cellular Hydration back of can Lemonade / Lemongrass flavor
Cellular Hydration | Lemonade / Lemongrass (12 oz / 12 pack)

Cellular Hydration | Lemonade / Lemongrass (12 oz / 12 pack)

Price: $34.80
  • Made with highly pure water
  • Electrolyte blend of potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride.
  • Contains zero sodium and zero sugar
  • Osmolality of 200

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Cellular Hydration | Unsweetened Lemon Water (12 oz / 12 pack)

Cellular Hydration | Unsweetened Lemon Water (12 oz / 12 pack)

Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor Cellular Hydration can on yellow pedestal with lemons on blue background
Can of Unsweetened Lemon Water Cellular Hydration in shallow water on blue background
Man drinking Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor Cellular Hydration while holding surfboard on beach
Woman holding Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor Cellular Hydration can while riding bike
Cellular Hydration front of can Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor
Cellular Hydration back of can Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor
Cellular Hydration | Unsweetened Lemon Water (12 oz / 12 pack)

Cellular Hydration | Unsweetened Lemon Water (12 oz / 12 pack)

Price: $34.80
  • Made with highly pure water
  • Electrolyte blend of potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride.
  • Contains zero sodium and zero sugar
  • Osmolality of 200

A New Way to Hydrate

Dehydration can have a huge impact on your ability to stay active, slowing down muscle recovery or even leading to premature muscle aging and reduced performance. Research has shown that dehydration can cause muscle soreness, fatigue, reduced muscle strength and power, which together can slow down recovery after exercise.

Surprisingly, the solution isn't to just drink more water. Drinking a lot of water offers ineffective intracellular hydration and can dilute the electrolytes in the cells, leading to frequent trips to the restroom. And many popular hydration drinks contain high levels of sodium (salt) and sugar, which primarily hydrate outside your cells.

The most effective hydration happens intracellularly, allowing key electrolytes to get inside your cells for rapid absorption. Cellular Hydration™ offers a precise blend of pure water, amino acids, and electrolytes designed to support active lifestyles - without relying on sugar or sodium. Daily use can become an essential part of any fitness regimen, helping you push further, recover faster, and achieve your best.

What people are saying


Can’t say enough about this product. The flavors, the taste, the benefits, the experience, it’s all just next level. This is a product that stood out from day 1. I can’t say enough good things. Tell your friends because it’s awesome. It’s a no brainer part of my daily routine now.

Unsweetened Lemon Water

I really love the flavor, put some ice in it and really tasted like lemonade. I noticed it really helped with digestion and am starting to feel better everyday!

Torry D.
Lemonade / Lemongrass

I was very shocked at how clean the taste was, it was very refreshing and I really felt like I was drinking actual h2o water. Most hydration drinks have a distinct flavor to it but not this one at all! I am VERY impressed and supper happy this product is in my life, yes I said it, life changing!!

Kevin N.
Unsweetened Lemon Water

A great way to hydrate. I found the lemonade flavor to be my favorite. I would drink these with a small meal before a workout as a way to energize and prepare. Something about drinking these from a can sort of feels like cheating when you’re actually getting nothing but goodness!

Both Flavors

We spend a fortune on "hydration" products from Costco (you know the one) that are basically pure sugar and don't really do anything for you. Not only does Cellular Hydration taste amazing, but it's sugar free. It may seem small, but I also love that it comes in a recyclable can. Can't wait to see what they come out with next!

Unsweetened Lemon Water

As someone who regularly supplements with adding trace mineral drops into my water, I was happy to see that the same ingredients (Magnesium, Chloride, and Potassium) in this expensive supplement was present in both waters. Both made me feel hydrated during the hot summer month of August. I judged this by the lack of cramps and sluggishness, even after long runs. I had no stomach upset or issues as I sometimes get with the fizzing tablet electrolyte supplements you add to water.

Tony L.
Both Flavors

Truly remarkable. Instantly felt a natural sense of well-being. I am an athlete active at the gym and training for a half marathon. Definitely noticed a calming effect, an awareness. It is the dead heat of summer and i feel fully hydrated

Drew B.
Unsweetened Lemon Water

I can't express how much I love this drink. As someone who needs effective hydration after a workout, Cellular Hydration is a game-changer. It not only quenches my thirst but also leaves me feeling truly hydrated, without the need for two water bottles full of water. It's become my go-to choice to keep me at my best during and after workouts. If you’re in need of top-tier hydration, don't miss out on Cellular Hydration!

Jaterri M.
Lemonade / Lemongrass

99.999+% Pure Water

Can of Unsweetened Lemon Water flavored Cellular Hydration in shallow water on a blue background
Athletic man drinking a can of sweetened Cellular Hydration

Precise Electrolyte Blend

Zero Sugar, Zero Sodium

Two cans of Cellular Hydration on a yoga block with a woman practicing yoga in the background
Can of Sweetened Cellular Hydration in the foreground with a woman entering a pool in background

Osmolality of 200

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference is that Cellular Hydration does not rely on sodium or sugar to achieve effective hydration inside your cells.

Cellular Hydration and True Hydration feature the same formulas, and are designed to appeal to different audiences.

Absolutely: Cellular Hydration is an excellent choice for athletes and physically active individuals. It's formulated to support effective hydration, which is critical during exercise or sports activities. The formula includes a balance of essential electrolytes that aid in rapid fluid absorption, helping to maintain hydration at a cellular level. This can lead to improved endurance, reduced exercise-related fatigue, and quicker recovery periods.

Cellular Hydration plays a pivotal role in sports performance by promoting efficient cellular hydration. The product is enriched with a mix of electrolytes essential for fluid balance and nutrient transport within the body. It helps athletes manage hydration effectively during physical activities, which is key to maintaining performance levels, preventing cramps, and speeding up recovery. Its formulation is crafted to meet the hydration needs without unnecessary additives, making it a reliable and supportive drink for athletes of all levels.

Potassium and Magnesium are essential electrolytes in Cellular Hydration that play critical roles in muscle function and health. Potassium is key for proper muscle contractions and helps prevent muscle cramps during intense exercise or activities. Magnesium, provided in a chelated form for enhanced absorption, supports muscle function while minimizing the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort. This formulation ensures that these electrolytes contribute effectively to muscle health and overall physical performance.

There are patents on the water filtration system and process, as well as the drink formulation.

We've carefully selected sucralose for our sweetened version that allows for a desirable taste without adding calories or impacting blood sugar levels. The amount of sucralose used is minimal, staying well within FDA approved safe limits (you would need to consume over 25 cans a day to exceed the maximum FDA recommended intake). We also offer an unsweetened version for those who prefer hydration without any sweeteners.

We use natural flavors like Lemon or Lemon Grass to flavor our product. Listing them as "Natural Flavors" is the standard for labeling of the products for any natural flavors that are not intended to have nutritional value. Our natural flavor is Vegan, Natural (not synthetic), and Non GMO.

Generally speaking, you would supplement your normal drinking with Cellular Hydration, not completely replace it. Each person's individual needs and hydration levels are different, so please consult a health professional for your specific requirements.

Many customers have experienced the benefits of Cellular Hydration after drinking 1-2 cans/day, although individual results may vary. See Cellular Hydration customer testimonials to see what benefits others have experienced.

We use BPANI liners to ensure the safety and quality of all our hydration products. BPANI liners are used in food and beverage containers as an alternative to traditional epoxy liners. They are made of materials that do not contain BPA.

The ultra pure (99.9999+% pure) water used in Cellular Hydration is a crucial part of what makes this product so effective at hydrating inside your cells. Aluminum cans are the best way to ensure we can preserve the osmolality needed to deliver rapid electrolyte absorption.

While not classified as IV water, Cellular Hydration features water that undergoes a rigorous purification process, ensuring low impurity levels comparable to those found in IV solutions.

Osmolality measures the concentration of essential elements (like electrolytes in water), and plays a crucial role in determining what gets into your cells. Cellular Hydration features an osmolality of 200 (within the range recommended by the World Health Organization) to ensure optimal absorption speed, without cellular bloat.

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