Terms of Sale

The following terms apply to your purchase of the products offered on the www.mytrulyessential.com website (the “Site”).

Product Descriptions. Simple Distributing, LLC (“We” or “SD”) will make a good faith effort to ensure the Site is populated with thorough, accurate, and helpful information, however, the information contained on the Site may be incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, or appear inaccurate because of the browser, hardware, or other technology that you use. We reserve the right to correct errors in any manner we see fit and/or to update product information at any time without notice.

Availability and Pricing. SD reserves the right to change the prices, description, and availability of products at any time. Some products may be limited in stock or distribution area and availability cannot be guaranteed. All products for sale on the Site are quoted prices in U.S. Dollars only are available for shipment to the United States.

If a product’s correct price is different than the listed price, at our discretion, we will, either confirm the correct price with you, or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation, in our sole discretion. We may in one instance provide notice and cancel the order in another and are not obligated to provide a rationale for this decision or to be bound by previous decisions.

Orders. We have the right to refuse, limit, or otherwise alter any order for any reason. Simple Distributing, LLC will not be liable if a product is unavailable or if shipment is delayed, even if this is the fault of SD or a business partner or affiliate.

Shipping. Shipping charges are determined at the time of order placement and are based on going third-party shipper and/or general market shipping rates.  Fees are subject to change at any time without notice. Simple Distributing, LLC makes no warranties about the timeliness of shipping and will not be responsible for lost, damaged, or misdirected shipments, though We will do our best to work with you to come to a mutually satisfactory resolution should the foregoing occur.

Returns; Damaged or Incomplete Shipment. If you would like to return any True Hydration products, please contact us at support@mytrulyessential.com

If it is your first time purchasing a product, you can return it within thirty (30) days of purchase.  We will send you a pre-paid return shipping label to send the product back.  We will refund your full order for both opened and unopened cans.

If you are returning damaged or defective product, we will send you a pre-paid return shipping label, so you can send the product back for a full refund. Just send a photo of the damaged product you received.

If we shipped you the wrong product based on your order, we will send you a pre-paid return shipping label, so you can send the product back for a full refund. We will need you to send a photo of the damaged product.

If you received FREE product, it is not eligible for a return or eligible for a refund on shipping costs.

You can return any purchased unopened cans within thirty (30) days of purchase for any reason if you have proof of purchase.  Your refund will be for any unopened can. The return will be calculated on a per can basis, based on the case quantity you were charged.  You will be responsible for shipping the product back.

All returns must be postmarked for return within thirty (30) days of receiving the product. Refunds cannot be initiated until the product is received back at the warehouse. We are not responsible to refund your order if you type in the wrong shipping address.

Cancellation of an Order. Cancellation of an order is not guaranteed, but for best results, you must inform us of your desire to cancel within Twenty-Four (24) hours of having placed an order. Partial cancellation is not an option, and you may not alter an order after it has been placed. If the cancellation is successful, we will send you a confirmation email. If you attempt to cancel an order and do not receive a cancellation email, this means the order has already been processed and cannot be cancelled and will be shipped normally.

Payment. By providing a credit card, bank information, or other payment method, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to use the designated payment method and you authorize SD (or its third-party payment processor) to charge your payment method for the total amount of your order (including any applicable taxes and other charges). If the payment method you provide cannot be verified, is invalid or is otherwise not acceptable, your order may be suspended (pending verification of legitimacy) or cancelled.

We accept the forms of payment stated on the Site and, for credit and debit card payments, charge your credit or debit card when your order is processed. Completion of a payment transaction is contingent upon: (a) you providing complete personal, account, transaction and any other information needed, (b) authorization of the payment by your credit or debit card company, and (c) acceptance of your payment. We may, in our sole discretion, cancel your payment at any time by providing notice to you through your contact information or by a notice when you attempt to make a payment. We may cancel a payment or prevent you from initiating future payments for any reason, including, without limitation, the following: (a) if you attempt to use the services in breach of any applicable law or regulation, including but not limited to the card network rules or regulations; (b) if you use the services in breach of these terms; (c) if we suspect fraudulent, unlawful or improper activity regarding a payment; (d) if we detect, in our sole discretion, that your payments have excessive disputes, high reversal rates or present a relatively high risk of losses; or (e) failure to cooperate in an investigation or provide additional information when requested.

Coupon Codes/Promotions.  We may make promotional codes for free shipping or other promotions and discounts available from time to time.   You must apply coupon codes to your order prior to completing the transaction. The coupon codes may not be applied to previous orders. Codes may not be used outside of the active dates shown on the promotional materials.