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Natural Glow Hydration is available in two refreshing flavors: Unsweetened Lemon Water and Lemonade / Lemongrass**. Select an image above to choose which flavor you would like to receive.

**Our Lemonade / Lemongrass flavor is sweetened with sucralose.

From our customers


Light refreshing great tasting. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Collin J.
Lemonade / Lemongrass

I have noticed that I have not had my nails crack, split, chip or peel in the last two weeks. This is a huge improvement as my fingernails have been doing just that for years. I believe in these products.

Marianne B.
Unsweetened Lemon Water

I absolutely love it for how it makes me feel – refreshed and revitalized. But that's not all; since I started drinking it regularly, my hair has become shinier and more manageable, and my nails have grown stronger and healthier. This hydration drink is now an essential part of my beauty routine, delivering a youthful glow, beautiful hair, and healthy nails. I can't wait to continue reaping the benefits, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their inner and outer beauty!

Jaterri M.
Lemonade / Lemongrass

After drinking it for about a week, I noticed my nails did not break as often and my hair was soft. After I stopped drinking them my nails were breaking more often again, so I do think the water was providing additional benefits for my hair, skin, and nails

Caitlyn H.
Unsweetened Lemon Water

My wife and I have been sampling both the Lemon Water and the Lemonade/Lemongrass flavors. I like the unsweetened lemon water because it really tastes just like you squeezed a fresh lemon into your water, very refreshing. Been on this product for about 8 days and starting to see and feel a difference!

Torry D.
Unsweetened Lemon Water

What is Natural Glow Hydration?

How it Works

Woman drinking Sweetened Natural Glow Hydration while in the pool
Asian woman applying Natural Glow Hydration Anti-Aging Facial Petals to her face wearing robe in bathroom mirror

Brings Moisture to the Surface

Collagen-Boosting Glycine

Woman holding can of Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor Natural Glow Hydration in front of 12-pack case on a bathroom counter
Closeup of a woman's under-eye area before using Natural Glow Hydration
Closeup of a woman's under-eye area after using Natural Glow Hydration for 12 days


The biggest difference is that Natural Glow does not rely on sodium or sugar to achieve effective hydration inside your cells.

Glycine and Taurine, key amino acids in Natural Glow, play significant roles in supporting skin health. Glycine is particularly beneficial as it helps enhance collagen production, a vital component for maintaining skin elasticity and strength. Additionally, Taurine supports overall cellular health, which can positively impact the skin's hydration and resilience.

Natural Glow Facial Petals are a safe, effective way to support your anti-aging beauty routine. They work by improving hydration and stimulating collagen production to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Each hypoallergenic silicone petal can be used up to 12 times, depending on skin type. They’re non-toxic and won’t damage skin.

For the best results, use daily as part of a consistent skin care regimen. We recommend pairing with Natural Glow Hydration (two cans a day) to create a beauty system that will hydrate your skin inside and out.

Natural Glow Facial Petals are hypoallergenic, 100% high quality silicone.

There are patents on the water filtration system and process, as well as the drink formulation.

We've carefully selected sucralose for our sweetened version that allows for a desirable taste without adding calories or impacting blood sugar levels. The amount of sucralose used is minimal, staying well within FDA-approved safe limits (you would need to consume over 25 cans a day to exceed the maximum FDA recommended intake). We also offer an unsweetened version for those who prefer hydration without any sweeteners.

Many customers have experienced the benefits of Natural Glow after drinking 1-2 cans/day, although individual results may vary. See Natural Glow customer testimonials to see what benefits others have experienced.

Generally speaking, you would supplement your normal drinking with Natural Glow, not completely replace it. Each person's individual needs and hydration levels are different, so please consult a health professional for your specific requirements.

We use BPANI liners to ensure the safety and quality of all our hydration products. BPANI liners are used in food and beverage containers as an alternative to traditional epoxy liners. They are made of materials that do not contain BPA.

The ultra pure (99.9999+% pure) water used in Natural Glow is a crucial part of what makes this product so effective at hydrating inside your cells. Aluminum cans are the best way to ensure we can preserve the osmolality needed to deliver rapid electrolyte absorption.

Yes, Natural Glow is safe for children.

While not classified as IV water, Natural Glow features water that undergoes a rigorous purification process, ensuring low impurity levels comparable to those found in IV solutions.

Osmolality measures the concentration of essential elements (like electrolytes in water), and plays a crucial role in determining what gets into your cells. Natural Glow features an osmolality of 200 (within the range recommended by the World Health Organization) to ensure optimal absorption speed, without cellular bloat.