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True Hydration is available in two refreshing flavors: Unsweetened Lemon Water and Lemonade / Lemongrass**. Select an image above to choose which flavor you would like to receive.

**Our Lemonade / Lemongrass flavor is sweetened with sucralose.

From our customers


As I've been drinking longer I am seeing all these benefits, Mental focus and energy, no more brain fog, better sleep, my leg cramps have disappeared, No more bloating or heartburn - better digestion. And I love the sweetened flavor! Definitely worth giving it a try

Lemonade / Lemongrass

We've burned through a few cases and it's pretty great. Better than all the flavored water IMO. 🙂

Unsweetened Lemon Water

I slept through the night and woke up refreshed and looking like I did 15 years ago. If that wasn’t good enough, I also had more energy and clarity throughout the day.

Linda F.
Lemonade / Lemongrass

Tastes great! I drink 2 cans every day and I feel the difference!!

Unsweetened Lemon Water

I really like the fact that this contains no sodium. That's a huge plus. I'm not on any sodium restrictions but it's nice to know that you're not overdoing it. I'm a tennis player, and constantly needing to hydrate. I like the taste-not too sweet and my husband liked it a lot also

Lemonade / Lemongrass

Within a day or two of drinking 2 cans a day I started noticing changes. I began to feel more energized throughout the day. I don't get as many headaches or leg cramps. I was able to increase my activity load and not be tired. I started sleeping more soundly and not having to get up in the night to use the bathroom. I absolutely LOVE this product and it really does make a difference!

Laura D.
Unsweetened Lemon Water

I work in a hot factory and this beverage in my lunch everyday was a nice alternative to drinking water all day. I felt energized and hydrated. Also, didnt send me to restroom half hour after drinking the full can.

Lemonade / Lemongrass

What is True Hydration?

IV-Quality Water

Two cans of True Hydration in shallow water on a blue background
Woman sitting on a beach towel reaching for a can of unsweetened True Hydration

Proactive Hydration

Amino Acids for the Win

Man holding a can of Unsweetened Lemon Water flavor True Hydration on a balcony
Two young women clinking cans of True Hydration in a tropical setting

The Right Osmolality


The biggest difference is that True Hydration does not rely on sodium or sugar to achieve effective hydration inside your cells.

There are patents on the water filtration system and process, as well as the drink formulation.

We've carefully selected sucralose for our sweetened version that allows for a desirable taste without adding calories or impacting blood sugar levels. The amount of sucralose used is minimal, staying well within FDA-approved safe limits (you would need to consume over 25 cans a day to exceed the maximum FDA recommended intake). We also offer an unsweetened version for those who prefer hydration without any sweeteners.

Generally speaking, you would supplement your normal drinking with True Hydration, not completely replace it. Each person's individual needs and hydration levels are different, so please consult a health professional for your specific requirements.

Many customers have experienced the benefits of True Hydration after drinking 1-2 cans/day, although individual results may vary. See True Hydration customer testimonials to see what benefits others have experienced.

We use BPANI liners to ensure the safety and quality of all our hydration products. BPANI liners are used in food and beverage containers as an alternative to traditional epoxy liners. They are made of materials that do not contain BPA.

The ultra pure (99.9999+% pure) water used in True Hydration is a crucial part of what makes this product so effective at hydrating inside your cells. Aluminum cans are the best way to ensure we can preserve the osmolality needed to deliver rapid electrolyte absorption.

Yes, True Hydration is safe for children.

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is concluding a clinical trial for True Hydration. Results will be made available once the study concludes (anticipated in Q2, 2024).

While not classified as IV water, True Hydration features water that undergoes a rigorous purification process, ensuring low impurity levels comparable to those found in IV solutions.

Osmolality measures the concentration of essential elements (like electrolytes in water), and plays a crucial role in determining what gets into your cells. True Hydration features an osmolality of 200 (within the range recommended by the World Health Organization) to ensure optimal absorption speed, without cellular bloat.