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Your Body Knows Best.

Restoring your natural balance is the first step to boosting your body’s healthy aging processes.
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Hydration with a Twist

Zero Sugar. Zero Sodium. 99.999+% Pure Water.
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Beauty from the Inside Out

Healthy hydration for hair, skin, and nails.
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Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

Hydration designed for pre-workout and post-workout recovery.

Multiple Ways to Hydrate

What's Truly Essential for Healthy Aging?

We can't control everything, but there's a lot we can do to boost our body's natural aging processes. The Wall Street Journal reported that the average American starts noticing physical signs of aging at 42.¹ Many start seeing changes even sooner, and feel helpless against the passage of time, genetics, and environmental factors.

However, there's one overlooked area that's truly essential to healthy aging: balance. As we age, our body's natural balance becomes disrupted, accelerating the aging process. Truly Essential offers solutions to restore that balance by targeting aging at the cellular level.

Cellular-Level Hydration for Everyone

All the hydration products out there get one thing right: your body needs more than what plain water can offer.

But where most fall short is by using a reactive strategy, with the common belief that hydration is an after-the-fact action: "I did this activity and now I need to replenish my electrolytes." Not only does this method fall short of ensuring proper hydration, but it often depends on high amounts of sugar and sodium.

Proper, cellular-level hydration requires a proactive approach for maximum benefit. This means daily hydration at the cellular level - without sodium or sugar - for rapid absorption directly to your cells.

Get Down to the Essentials

Discover our approach to Healthy Aging

Hydration as it Should Be

We hydrate using nature's ancient recipe: 99.999+% pure water + essential minerals needed for intracellular hydration.

Sugar & Sodium Free

Our formula is made with zero sugar, zero sodium, zero calories, and zero carbs, so you can stay hydrated without sacrificing your diet.

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Our Dedication to Service

Born from a water filtration system to help solve the world’s freshwater problems, helping the Unlucky Third is our true mission.

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Offering a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Truly Essential Founder Manoj Bhargava has experienced tremendous business success, without losing sight of what matters most:

"I was taught if you have wealth, the duty is to help those who don't."

Manoj has committed nearly all his wealth to help the "Unlucky Third" of the world through his Billions in Change initiative. Click below to learn more and see how you can support this important work.

From our customers


I am seeing all these benefits, Mental focus and energy, no more brain fog, better sleep, my leg cramps have disappeared, No more bloating or heartburn – better digestion. And I love the sweetened flavor! Definitely worth giving it a try

True Hydration

Can’t say enough about this product. The flavors, the taste, the benefits, the experience, it’s all just next level. This is a product that stood out from day 1. I can’t say enough good things. Tell your friends because it’s awesome. It’s a no brainer part of my daily routine now.

Cellular Hydration

After drinking it for about a week, I noticed my nails did not break as often and my hair was soft. After I stopped drinking them my nails were breaking more often again, so I do think the water was providing additional benefits for my hair, skin, and nails.

Caitlyn H.
Natural Glow

I slept through the night and woke up refreshed and looking like I did 15 years ago. If that wasn’t good enough, I also had more energy and clarity throughout the day.

Linda F.
True Hydration

Truly remarkable. Instantly felt a natural sense of well-being. I am an athlete active at the gym and training for a half marathon. Definitely noticed a calming effect, an awareness. It is the dead heat of summer and i feel fully hydrated

Drew B.
Cellular Hydration

I have noticed that I have not had my nails crack, split, chip or peel in the last two weeks. This is a huge improvement as my fingernails have been doing just that for years. I believe in these products.

Marianne B.
Natural Glow

I really like the fact that this contains no sodium. That's a huge plus. I'm not on any sodium restrictions but it's nice to know that you're not overdoing it. I'm a tennis player, and constantly needing to hydrate.

True Hydration

I really love the flavor, put some ice in it and really tasted like lemonade. I noticed it really helped with digestion and am starting to feel better everyday!

Torry D.
Cellular Hydration

I absolutely love it for how it makes me feel – refreshed and revitalized. Since I started drinking it regularly, my hair has become shinier and more manageable, and my nails have grown stronger and healthier. This hydration drink is now an essential part of my beauty routine.

Collin J.
Natural Glow

Did you Know?

Osmolality is a measure of how concentrated certain particles are in a liquid, like the electrolytes and amino acids in True Hydration. Think of it as the balance of water and nutrients in the drink, designed to closely match your body's natural fluid balance.

This ensures optimal hydration and absorption, helping your cells stay hydrated and healthy. Truly Essential's hydration drinks feature a WHO-recommended osmolality of 200 for fast absorption and rapid intracellular hydration.³