Aerial image taken from space showing Indian peninsula at night

Our Purpose:

Lifting up the unlucky third of the world through useful inventions

Billions in Change creates useful inventions to enable a higher quality of life for billions of people.

What is Billions in Change?

Billions in Change develops and delivers inventions that help the unlucky half of the world meet basic needs for water, electricity, food, and healthcare. These essentials lay the groundwork for enhanced education, health, and economic opportunities, empowering individuals to uplift their lives and those around them. To learn more, watch the film.

Manoj Bhargava from the Billions in Change film with text: Manoj Bhargava – Founder

Our Founder

What Billions in Change does Different

The key is enablement - offering a hand up, not a hand out. These inventions focus on providing free electricity, clean water, and free fertilizer because addressing these fundamental needs "enables" everything that follows. This approach creates the conditions that enable people to become educated, take care of their health, and make a living. The fundamental areas of energy, water, food, and health enable not only wellness and livelihood, but they also propel lasting solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

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