It started when we invented a water filtration system to solve the world’s freshwater problems. To our surprise, we found it could also make ultra pure water… the same pure grade used in hospitals.

This got us thinking. Ultra pure water absorbs everything... If we add electrolytes would they be absorbed more efficiently for better hydration?

We got lucky. It worked!

The Science

It is interesting that we are mimicking nature. All drinking water comes from evaporation (highly pure water) which turns into clouds and then into rain. Rain then turns into rivers or ground water which absorbs minerals from rocks, and that is what human beings have consumed for thousands of years.

Now clouds turn into rain which absorbs chemicals from our air pollution. Then rainwater goes to ground water collecting industrial chemicals and we end up with no water that is clean.

What True Hydration does is clean the water to 99.999% purity and then add minerals, which is basically what nature had been doing. It is rare, if humans do something that is smarter than nature.